Business Process Effectiveness

If you go to the **Sales > Reports [1.1.] > Sales Process Effectiveness [1.2.]** page, you can see how many leads were generated during a given period and whether they have become Won or Lost. ![01\_folyamatok\_hatekonysaga]( ### Report If you click on a status, you will see the following: * **Source statuses [2.1.]**: It shows the percentage of cards that were newly added to the selected status; and also the status they had been moved from. * **Destination statuses [2.2.]**: It shows the statuses which cards were moved to, from the selected status. ![02\_belepesek\_tovabblepesek]( Filter conditions ------------------- Information is displayed according to the following settings. ### Opportunity created at [3.1.] Select a period that you want to examine. ### Status [3.2.] Choose a Status group whose statuses you want to examine. ### Follow Days [3.3.] Select an option to view which statuses cards were added to after their creation. ### Grouping [3.4.] Grouping depends on the period that you have selected previously. For example, if you are examining a one-year period, it is recommended to select Monthly grouping. But if you are examining a one-month period, it is recommended to select Weekly or Full grouping. ### Owner [3.5.] Choose an Owner from the active ones or select the **Everyone** option. If you select an owner, you can view the performance of the user. If you select the **Everyone** option, you can view the performance of the company. ![03\_szuresi\_feltetelek\_beallitasa](